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"The first battle of cancer is against surprise, the other is against denial."
This year, the BITOTSAV fraternity promotes the most vital social cause of the era - FIGHTING CANCER. Events like the marathon, flash mobs, mass painting, street paintings and street dance shall form the basis of our support for FIGHTING CANCER. There are many organizations that have been working for this cause - both NGOs and world-class organizations. In fact cancer prevention and its subsequent diminution has become an essential part of every organization's corporate social responsibility.
In it's 28th edition, BITOTSAV plans to take the cause of cancer with the hope of reducing fear and stigma associated with it.
Bitotsav '16

BITOTSAV, the annual socio-cultural festival of BIT Mesra, is one of the most awaited events in the eastern region and attracts a whooping crowd of 10,000 students from more than 200 colleges all over the country, every year. The 28th edition of this five day extravaganza intends to surpass its predecessors in its splendor.The calendar is dotted with a myriad of extra curricular and cultural events in the fields of dance, music, digital arts, fine arts, literature, oration, quizzing, journalism along with an array of informal events.

BITOTSAV also boasts of performances of some of the most renowned celebrities of the nation. We have been a witness to enthralling shows by Salim-Sulaiman and Farhan Akhtar, Sunburn and have been touched by the soulful music of Kailasa and Jal to name a few. Notable artists from the fields of dance, drama, and stand up comedy have escalated the grandeur of this mega event with their entertaining performances. Apart from these events, technical experts in their respective fields ignite young minds with their knowledge.

BITOTSAV isn't only about glitz and glamour. We do our bit in making the community a better place to live in. Every year, we take up a social cause plaguing society and do our bit to help people affected by it.

JAM STREET -Western Battle of Bands

The Western Battle of Bands is one of the most awaited events of Bitotsav. It is the battle ground where many bands compete for victory, and get a chance to open for the Bitotsav nights.

Cash Prize: 50k worth

Rules & Regulations

1. The band should consist of 3-8 members.
2. Participating bands are to bring their own instruments.
However, a basic drumkit will be provided.
3. Time limit is of 15 minutes, inclusive of soundcheck.
4. Lyrical content of the performances should be English.
5. Judging will besed upon tightness, presentation, tonal quality and overall output of performance.
6. Decisions of judges will be final.

SPARSH- Eastern Battle of Bands

The Eastern Battle of Bands is one of the most awaited events of Bitotsav. It is the battle ground where many bands compete for victory, and get a chance to open for the Bitotsav nights.

Cash Prize:50k worth

Rules & Regulation

1. The band should consist of 3-8 members.
2. Participating bands are to bring their own instruments.
However, a basic drumkit will be provided.
3. Time limit is of 15 minutes, inclusive of soundcheck.
4. Lyrical content of the performances should be Hindi.
5. Judging will besed upon tightness, presentation, tonal quality and overall output of performance.
6. Decisions of judges will be final.


Street plays performed at the street corner , conveying a social and political message

Prize:100k worth

Rules & Regulations

1. The team shall consist of maximum of 20 people excluding 2 instrumentalists  (optional).
2. The event will take place in a single round.
3. The time limit shall be 20 minutes.
4. The time limit should be strictly adhered to. In case of violation, participants will be penalized by judges. The given time duration is from empty stage to empty stage.
5. Teams are expected to perform at an open air venue, on a circular stage with audience on all sides.
6. Vulgarity is strictly prohibited.
7. For live music teams will have to bring their own instruments but no electronic device or recorded music.
8. Judging Criterion:
30 % - Content
25 % - Acting/ Expression
20 % - Audience Response
15 % - Direction
10 % - Miscellaneous Effects
9. The judge's decision will be final and binding.
10. The organizing team reserves the right to change or modify any of the rules.


Cash Prize:40k worth


Internships will be granted to the Best Actors (Male & Female), Director, Cinematographer & Editor in India's most reputed institute for Film Making, AISFM.


1.Make a short movie based on any one of the below mentioned themes:
• You quit, I quit
• Rise above cancer
2. Upload your movie on YouTube or Share via google drives. Mail us the link with the complete details of the cast and the crew.
3.The qualifying entries for screening in Bitotsav’16 will be receiving the mail for the same.
4.During the screening, immediately after each movie, the whole crew is required to come up on the stage and describe their journey of making of the movie. You’ll have 5 minutes in your hands for the description. It will have noticeable weightage and serves as a foreseeable part of this rivalry!


1. The team size can be 5 to 15, i.e. The complete crew size including the Cinematographer, Editors, Director, Script writers and Actors.
2 .All the members should share the poster of the event Talkies on their timeline.
3.Duration of the movie: 10 - 15 minutes.
4. Please do not forget to include the names of the various actors in vital roles as well as the complete crew with their contribution in the mail.
5.Physical presence of all the members of the crew from the selected movie is mandatory.
6. Absence of any crew member (Whose names are filled in the spreadsheet) will lead to the disqualification of that entry.
7.No professional entries will be entertained, as this is an opportunity for the bourgeoning college students (Not graduates) who are willing to try their hands at Movie Making.
8.Absurd content will lead to immediate disqualification.
9. The decisions of the Jury are final and binding.
10.Winners will be receiving the prizes in cash and Intern opportunities in the premier film making institute to the Best Actors(Male & Female), Directors, Cinematographers and Editors.


The movie will be judged based on the following: 1.Justification to the theme
2. Optimum utilization of resources
3. Acting skills
4. Direction
5. Cinematography
6. And most importantly ‘The Journey’, i.e. the complete story of the making of your movie.

Submissions at

Link to the form
For Queries:
Saurabh Mishra
+91 - 9122878535
+91 - 9973843762


Dance Saga is the chief event in the genre of dance which pits the best dance teams of various colleges.

Cash Prize:45k worth

Rules & Regulations

Team composition: 6 -12 members +3 (backstage)
Teams per college: Unlimited
Registration: Online/On the spot
Time limit: 4-8 minutes

General Rules:

1. A minimum of 6 dancers are required to be present on the stage at all times
2. Usage of props is allowed. However, this does not fetch any additional points
3. The Organizing Committee must be notified of the same at least 1 day prior to the performance by sending a mail.
4. The subject of the mail should be “Request to use props for Dance Saga”
5. For the teams who register on-spot, permission to use props will be at the discretion of the Event Manager
6. Usage of any powdered substance(e.g. colour, powder, gulaal etc.) has to be informed to the event manager in advance
7. No lead dancer or solo performance is allowed in any of the rounds
8. Sound track for the group’s performance should be brought along in a pen drive and submitted at the time of registration
9. Participating teams can only use Bollywood songs and their remixes for the track. Failure to comply with this will lead to immediate disqualification

Elimination Round:

1. Participants will be required to perform a prepared dance sequence. The duration of this performance will be 4-6 minutes
2. A negative marking of 5% of the total score will be awarded for each minute of exceeding the time limit

Final Round:

1. The teams who qualify for the final will have to perform the same dance sequence as the elimination round
2. The final round will be held in the auditorium in front of a live audience
3. Rules and guidelines for this performance will be same as those for the elimination round
4. The auditorium screen shall not be used for any purpose (photos,videos, etc.)
5. Teams are not allowed to use any external lighting for their performance
6. A tiebreaker round might be introduced after the eliminations, if only found necessary by the judges and the event managers. The rules for the tie breaker (if necessary) will be disclosed at the end of the elimination round.Hence, at least one member from every group must stay back till the result of the elimination round is announced

Judging criteria:

Choreography, expressions, energy level, effective presentation, usage of costumes and props, innovation and overall impact.
**In case of conflicts, decision of the judges would be considered final

STREET DANCE-Stomp the Yard

Street dance at Bitotsav is an all India level street dance competition and it is about bringing something new to the floor.

Prize:90k worth

Rules & Regulation

Team size:

minimum 5 and maximum 12
The event consists of 2 Rounds: 


1. Participant teams get to perform their prepared street dance sequence.
2. Time limit: 5-10 minutes (length of music track).  3. Live music is not allowed. 
4. Props are not allowed.
5. Deviating from the Western hip-hop dance style can lead to negative marking. Any kind of Bollywood vocal / music or even English lyrical with Bollywood music is not allowed; it can lead to negative marking. The dance floor will be a preferably rectangular one in an open arena.


1. Out of all participants, the first 4 teams will qualify for this round.
2. This round comprises of teams taking part in street/hip-hop battle against each other.
3. This Round will be a Knockout. Opponent will be decided with lottery system.
4. Each battle would be of 6 minutes with the two teams performing for 60 seconds alternately.
5. At least 1 team member must occupy the stage during the performance of respective teams. It is strictly notified that the face-off is a hip-hop battle and deviation from hip-hop might result in negative marking. Division of a team’s performance time amongst all team members is expected and will be included in the judging criteria.
Judging criteria: *Judging criteria includes synchronization, choreography, stage utilization, costumes, energy level, prop usage, stage coverage, innovation, presentation, and overall impact on the crowd. (For FACE-OFF, crowd support and most of all for overshadowing opposite team.)


Cash Prize:30k worth

Rules & Regulation

Round 1
1. Interested participants are required to send their picture to the with a tagline in accordance to the theme of Bitotsav 2016.
2. Entries are invited from all over India. After the deadline, every picture and tagline with be scrutinized and judged to check its relevance with Bitotsav’16.
3. Each selected picture will be uploaded on Bitotsav’s page and the respective candidates will be required to share their picture through Bitotsav’s page with an aim of fetching as many likes as possible.
4. At the end of which15 girls and 15 boys will be selected on the basis of the number of likes received by them on their respective pictures.
Round 2

1. The selected 15 couples will have to ensure their presence in the main campus of BIT Mesra for rehearsals and the final event.
2. This round will witness elimination in the following 3 sub-rounds-
I. Ramp walk, posture and the final pose.
II. Costume, make-up, accessories and hairdo.
III. Questionnaire.

BIT MUN(BIT- Model United Nations)

Cash Prize :25k worth

BITMUN will be a simulation of the real time functioning of the United Nations. Students will be assigned certain countries and they will have to come prepared as delegates of the same.