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About Us
Annual Social Culture Fest Of BIT Mesra
Whooping Crowd Of 10,000
From More Than 200 Colleges
The 28th Edition Of The
Five Day Extravaganza
Social Cause
"The first battle of cancer is against
surprise, the other is against denial."
This year, the BITOTSAV fraternity promotes the most
vital social cause of the era - FIGHTING CANCER.
Events like the marathon, flash mobs, mass painting,
street paintings and street dance shall form the basis
of our support for FIGHTING CANCER.
In it's 28th edition, BITOTSAV plans to take the
cause of cancer with the hope of reducing
fear and stigma associated with it.
Contact UsShubham Agrawal+91 9608638787Ankit Sawa+91 7277572393